Combination Grouping 69W/68/67/68A with 64 Overhead Wall Cabinets is featured in an ENOCHS Regency 60 suite. ENOCHS cabinets can be grouped to accommodate the custom design and specific space requirements of any examination room or lab. Base cabinets are perfectly engineered to fit together as freestanding units that require no permanent installation. Base units have a one-piece seamless no-drip edge work surface. A stainless steel sink with wrist blade handles is available as an option in a 67 or 68 cabinet.

64 Overhead Wall Cabinets completes any cabinet grouping. Designed to fully utilize wall space above work surface, the attractive wall cabinet can be mounted individually or in a grouping as shown. Uniquely engineered without a restricting center bar, the 64 offers full access into cabinet. Shipped with one adjustable shelf, storage can be enhanced by adding additional shelves.
67 Specialist Cabinet stands at a convenient 40” height. Five heavy-duty 4” deep drawers allow for abundant storage of exam room or lab supplies. The cabinet’s seamless work surface help maintain a clean professional
25” W x 18” D x 40” H
69W Wall Mount Desk can be positioned at suitable height to accommodate
room requirements. The 69W has one 1½” drawer and a seamless writing surface. 25” W x 18” D
68 Treatment Cabinet makes storage
efficient and time saving. The two full size
4” deep drawers above a large double
door storage area provides convenient
space for various sizes of items. A sliding
half shelf in the lower storage area creates
a solution for tall, hard to store supplies.
The cabinet work surface features a
seamless construction for ease of cleaning
and a no-drip edge prevents spills from
reaching the floor. 25” W x 18” D x 40 H”
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